8 essential releases on [Emotional] Response – Especial – Rescue

With the new Texture Radio party coming closer on the 13th of november in Millie Vanillie,  I thought it could be interesting to make a top 8 of personal favourites on the [Emotional] labels. I could easily have chosen 15 releases but these 8 give already a nice overview of the outstanding catalogue created by label boss Stuart ‘Chuggy’ Leath.

Come on over to Millie Vanillie on the 13th of November to hear Chuggy & myself providing a 7 hour dj set.


8 essentials, here we go …


1. The Naturals: The Rose (Emotional Response, 2015)

Included in Texture Radio show 20-08-15.

2. Jamie Paton: Bizar feeling (Emotional Response, 2013)

Included in Texture radio show 28-08-14

3. Baris K: 200 (The Asphodells rmx) (Emotional Especial, 2013)

Included in Texture radio show 23-10-2014

4. Fuxa & Neil Mackay: Apollo Soyuz (Emotional Response, 2015)


5.The Jellies: The Conversation (Emotional Rescue, 2013)

Included in Texture radio show 08-10-15

6. Dunkelziffer: Q (Emotional Response, 2014)

Included in Texture Radio Show 26-03-15

7. Carol & Carol Jacobs: Robot Jam (Emotional Rescue, 2015)

8. Mariam The Believer: Invisible Giving (Wolf Müller rmx)

Included in Texture Radio Show 08-01-15

Listen to the exclusive radio mix from Chuggy


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