Raphaël, already in the game since the early ’90’s,  is often described as one of Belgium’s most eclectic dj’s. His latest mix in Texture Radio  is probably a nice showcase of that reputation with tracks in it from IMS, Drecxiya, Aphex Twin to Funkadelics. His huge record collection spans a wide spectrum of styles. So when he visited the urgent.fm studios recently I had to ask him for a small feature on the site. He came back with 5 favourites to listen to / to look at. 

1. Automat: Automat

[Romano Musumarra and Claudio Gizzi and Mario Maggi.
Harvest. 1985]

R: “In the beginning there was the Machine the survival and organization of the planet depend upon the “Machine”.
The Future and the past depend upon the “Machine” …. the past? But who wanted the “Machine””

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2. Easy Going: Fear

[Claudio Simonetti and Giancarlo Meo.
Banana Records 1979
Unidisc Productions LTD. 1980]

R:”For it’s outstanding haunting Disco and an amazingly provocative cover that makes you run off.
No wonder our man Ference made a tribute to this album’s tittle-song FEAR.”

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3. Tranceonic: New Crime

[Eisenberg 1976

R: “For it’s insane productions and the prototype of what we know today as one of the all-time new wave clubclassics THE BOSTICH. Thanks to Dark Entries for making this record available!”

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[1990 KLF communications]

R:”ANTHEM of the Big Chill out movement by the one and only KLF recorded Live at the Trancentral.
This record changed the world and was the right answer to the killing energy of RAVE.
Sit back relax and take off.”

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[Music from memory MFM 009

R:”The ultimate listening experience at any time that will generate the feeling of freedom and happiness in a tear of joy that longs for permanent vacation.”

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Listen to Raphaël’s guest mix in Texture Radio