Red Bull Elektropedia Masterklass is not just another random mixtape series. Every episode tells the story of a love affair between a DJ and a certain genre, era, label or any kind of subject matter interesting enough to be turned into a proper mixtape. We select the DJs and musicians based on their knowledge of (and enthusiasm for) music – giving them absolute freedom to show off their insights. Subscribe yourself to our Masterklasses today and get a PhD in music sciences tomorrow.

The first episode of 2014 is brought to you by Ghent DJ and producer Fred Nasen. As the host of Texture on local radio station, Fred went looking for his favorite soundtrack during a particular activity: “I’ve made this mix with the idea of listening to it while driving on the highway at night. That’s where music can get the closest en deepest in your mind. Music is part imagination, part journey, no? You’ll probably hear influences in this mix of movies or TV shows like Twin Peaks (Julee Cruise), Drive (Johnny Jewel) and Super 8 (Ferre Grinard), and if it didn’t occur in a movie I just imagine one with it. Start your engines.”

1. Intro
2. Morgengrus (International Feel)
3. Yves Simon: Raconte-Toi
4. Johnny Jewel: A sort of Homecoming
5. Beach House: Master of None
6. Chilly Gonzales: Limit to Your Love
7. Quit Village: Pillow Talk
8. Julee Cruise: Floating
9. Au Revoir Simone: Stay Golden
10. Sebastian Schuller: Nightlife
11. Ashra: Oasis
12. Bill Withers: I’m Her Daddy
13. Suïcide: Cheree
14. Ferre Grignard : Ring, Ring, I’ve got to sing.
15. Jackie Mittoo: Wall Street
16. The Cure: All cats are grey