Here’s a small selection of albums I’m enjoying the last weeks. Worth checking at home / on the road.

(in order from left to right)
1. Various Artists: Covered in Gloria (DEEK Recordings)
2. Patrick Cowley: Afternooners (Dark Entries)
3. Geoffrey Landers: 1X1 (Music From Memory)
4. Satoshi & Makato: CZ-5000 Sounds & Sequences (Safe Trip)
5. Vazz: Submerged Vessels & Other Stories (Stroom)
6. Areal Pink: Dedicated to Bobby James
7. Various Artists: Elswhere MCMXIII (compiled by Sofa DJ) (ICI)
8. Jeremy Spellacey: Crown Ruler Sound (Space Talk)
9. Phil Mison: Out of The Blue (Compiled)