After last weeks downtempo episode it’s time to speed things up and I gave the mix also an old school injection. Discover great new releases from the likes of Soichi Terada which is featured on the excellent ‘Sounds of the Far East’ compilation on Rush Hour, also the Joakim edit of Muko Wapi which I finally found on a limited 7inch. Enjoy!

De Los Miedos. Edits vol 2
Fever the Ghost: Source (Secret Circuit rmx)
Oye white
Luke: I Love You (Frontera Dub)
Soichi Terada: Love Tension (Rush Hour)
Pittsburgh Track Authority: Visions of Serengeti
Tuff City Kids: (white)
Interstellar Funk: Untitled (Tape Recordings)
Jamie Paton: Bizar Feeling
Whiskey Disco
Muko Wapi (Joakim Edit)
Bufiman: Running (Versatile)
Man Made (DFA)