First guest mix of season 5 was done by Fais Le Beau. Resident at Open The Box & Catclub in BXL. Expect a fine blend of house tracks. Includes the forthcoming Jex Opolis track on Running Back!

Dorisburg – computer drumming (boss musik)
JEX Good Timin’ EP (Running back )
Dextrax -Lateral thinking ep (Bodyshower)
The Rimshooters – Calling you (slow motion)
Frank Booker- Down in the basement vol.1
Jonny rock- Why can’t you
Massimiliano Pagliara: focus for infinity (Larj)
John camp (Hakt 003 )
philipp gorbachev -i want you so ( Comeme)
Miss Kittin & The Hacker: Leather forever (Dark Entries)