This week I started the show with a new Pilooski track on the never disappointing ‘Dirty Soundsytem’ label. Big limited 4 track ep and this one features the vocals of Jarvis Cocker. More tracks in this show from Tambien, Mark E, Velvet Sound & The Hearts of Gold, Mattheis and Len Leise.


Pilooski ft Jarvis Cocker: Completely Sun
Velvet Season & The Hearts of Gold: Limiteless & Free
Session Victim
Mark E: Who Do You Believe in
Tambien (Public Possession)
Black Spuma: Spumatix (International Feel)
Tambien (ESP)
Mattheis  (white) Clone
Lauer: ESC
Velvet Season & The Hearts of Gold: Fishpowder Dance
Len Leise: Tria Bells (International Feel)
Glenn Astro: Users Guide to
Lutto Lente: Till Tomorrow (Transatlantyk)