Last show of the year and a good timing to do an overview of my favourites of the 2015, from artists to labels to the polish & bulgarian sound which was highly present this year. Enjoy !


Vito Rici: The Ship was sailing
Len Leise: Stars for Jorge
Taro Tokugawa: Here My Dear
Soichi Terada & Manabu Nagayama: Love Tension
Lauer: Telefon
Jack J:Atmosphere
Plevna: Imperios
Khidja: Utsici
De Lose Miedos: Zaid
The Very Soviet Cut Outs ep
Bell Towers: Jumpin Off Into The Sea of Your Love
Africaine 808: Rhythm is all you can dance (wolf muller rmx)
Fantastic Man: Fountain Gate
Lepelis edit
Jose Padilla: Day One
Selvy: Catamaran
Arthur Russel edit
Orson Wells: Orboting Jupiters