The end of the year, so time for another recap of 2018. I selected some favourite labels & producers.
Check out the tracklisting below !


Sebastian Gandera: Le Train se n’arretera (Effiicient Space)
Anthony Naples : Drifter (Good Morning Tapes)
Pablo’s Eye: Amb7 (Stroom)
Suzanne Mendel: I Feel it Starts (Frederiksberg)
Autartik & Hectik: Eastrumental (Bahnsteig 23)
Pender Street Steppers: Molto Bene (Mood Hut)
I:Cube: XXX edit (Versatile)
DE: Giant Steps (Into The Light)
Rivera Yarra: SLI GGOGG (Antinote)
Guiseppe Leonardi : Unsinn (Second Circle)
Haruomi Hasono: Sports Men (Light In The Attic)
Eddy La Viny: Havan’ Hamac (Spacetalk)
Ian Ecless Smith: The Slaughtering Eye (Efficient Space)
Monica Rymp: Hey What You Are Doing (Music From Memory)
Eleina Kaberia: Ne Doubte Pas (Emotional Rescue)
Phaser Boys/ Phase Energie (AIWO)
Ex-Terrestial: Earth Man (Pacific Rhythm)
Benedek: Sub Terra (Second Circle)