After Eddie C (Red Motorbike, CA), Mark E (Merc, UK), Zambon (The Very Polish Cut Outs, PL) & Chuggy (Emotional Response, UK) I’m pretty excited to announce another international guest who’s been a big influence to the weekly Texture Radio shows on

Suzanne Kraft
In 2011, an L.A. producer blipped into view thanks to a well-received debut EP on Gerd Janson’s Running Back imprint. Credited to Suzanne Kraft, an alias of dublab DJ Diego Herrera, Green Flash did nu-disco infused with a low-slung pacing and a warmth not unlike a cassette tape left on the dashboard at midday. It was soon followed by the Horoscope EP and a handful of more Balearic cuts from Herrera’s other band, Pharaohs, suggesting that more floor-filling tracks lay ahead.
But when Missum, Kraft’s next release for Running Back, came out in 2014, it showed Herrera not leaning in but rather taking a step back.

With Talk From Home, it instead illuminates that the unhurried pacing of those first dance singles might be the outliers.
Released on the Melody As Truth imprint out of the UK, Talk From Home isn’t an homage to new age music per se, but it does take cues from the more chilled-out end of the ECM and EG catalogs. (words taken from the Pitchfork website).

Check more stuff from Suzanne Kraft on the ESP Institute label where he released the “Sunset Dawn” mini album as Blas√© (a collab project with Secret Circuit) and his Dude Energy release on the Melbourne based Animal Dancing label.

New material expected on his own SK imprint in 2016:

Suzanne Kraft will be supported by Just Nathan (Spek, Holger), who’s been a regular guest on previous parties & Texture Radio host Fred Nasen.