After Suzanne Kraft, Zambon, Apiento, Mark E, Eddie C and Chuggy (Emotional Response), Jan Schulte (Wolf Müller, Bufiman) will be the next excting name to come over for the Texture Radio parties.

As Phonica states: “Jan Schulte aka Wolf Muller, makes music to dance to and then he likes to pick things up and bang them. He makes funky German sounds from jews harps and odd items that you wouldn’t expect. He is like an underground German version of Herbert (but with more groove in his bones).”

Resident at Dusseldorf’s infamous Salon des Amateurs and collaborative projects on his bio with Cass (on International Feel) & Dominik Von Senger (Golf Channel Recordings). An upcoming project with Young Marco is set to release soon.
His ‘Blaztanz’ ep on Themes For Great Cities was one of the most played records in the 2014 Texture shows.

Support from Just Nathan (Spek, Catclub) & Fred Nasen (Texture Radio,

Artwork by Matthias Mayz Yzebaert ©