Before starting with the new year, let’s have a review of what stood out in 2016. I played some of my favourite labels of the past year & it sums it up very well. Check also the blog on the website about these labels. X


Subject: Be Carefull (STROOMLP002)
Wally Badarou: One Day
Nu Guinea: The Birds Rejoice (Early Sound Recordings)
Prins Emanuel: Aquarius (Music For Dreams)
Jonny5: Déja Vu (Bahnsteig23)
Jex Opolis: Caïro Nights (Good Timin’)
Lunapark: Worte (Dark Entries)
Pyrme & Cornely: Vacance Union (Heavenly Sweetness)
The Igniters: Haka Suru (Efficient Space)
The System: Almost Gone (Music For Dreams)
Ponzu Island: Superkoto (Andras Fox rmx) (Apersonal Music)
Dexter Wansel: Life on Mars (from ‘The Loft’ album by David Mancuso)
That’s a Steal / Lambo
Omar S: Sky Train (FXHE)