Texture Radio Weekly radio show on urgent.fm (105.3fm) every thursday between 21h-22h. Hosted by Fred Nasen

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Texture Radio 07-09-17 Guest mix by AAguilaa (Vicuna)  Texture Radio 29-06-17 w/ Fred Nasen  Texture Radio w/ Felix Claus (Splén - Stroom.tv) Texture Radio 15-06-17 As Long As It Takes #8 by Fred Nasen  Texture Radio 08-06-17 w/ Fred Nasen at urgent.fm Texture Radio 18-05-17 w/ Fred Nasen at urgent.Fm Texture Radio 11-05-17 Guest mix by Rhythm Mind (Ensemble, BXL) Texture Radio 04-05-17 w/ Fred Nasen Texture Radio 27-04-17 w/ Fred Nasen at urgent.fm Texture Radio 20-04-17 Bafana guest mix at Texture Radio Texture Radio 13-04-17 w/ Fred Nasen  Texture-30-03-17-final Texture-Radio-23-03-17-Fred-Nasen Texture Radio 09-03-17 w/ Sixsixsixties guest mix  Texture Radio 16-02-17 w/ Fred Nasen at urgent.fm  Texture Radio 09-02-17 w/ Fred Nasen at urgent.fm  Schermafbeelding 2017-02-12 om 11.44.37 Texture Radio 12-01-17 'As Long As It Takes #7' w/ Fred Nasen Texture Radio 05-01-17 'Best of 2016' w/ Fred Nasen



Texture Radio 22-12-16 Rick Shiver guest mix  Texture Radio 15-12-16 w/ Fred Nasen Texture Radio 08-12-16 w/ Fred Nasen Texture Radio 17-11-16 Just Nathan guest mix  Texture Radio 10-11-16 w/ Fred Nasen Texture Radio 03-11-16 w/ Fred Nasen at urgent.fm wolf-muller-texture Texture Radio 13-10-16 by Fred Nasen  Texture Radio 06-10-16 by Fred Nasen Texture 22-09-16 Louis Vogue guest mix  Texture Radio 15-09-16 by Fred Nasen  Texture Radio 08-09-16 by Fred Nasen  Texture-07-07-06  Texture Radio 30-06-16 Nico Juice guest mix  Texture Radio 16-06-16 Apiento guest mix at urgent.fm       Texture Radio 21-04-16 by Fred Nasen  Texture Radio 14-04-16 Gratts guest mix  Texture Radio 07-04-16 by Fred Nasen at urgent.fm Texture Radio 31-03-15 guest mix by Arno Lemons  Texture Radio 10-03-16 by Fred Nasen  Texture Radio 03-03-16 by Fred Nasen Texture Radio 18-02-16 by Fred Nasen Texture Radio 11-02-16 Suzanne Kraft guest mix  Texture Radio 04-02-16 by Fred Nasen  Texture Radio 28-01-16 Cleveland (Hivern Discs, BXL) guest mix  Texture Radio 21-01-2016 by Fred Nasen Texture Radio 07-01-16 Sixsixsixties guest mix at urgent.fm



Texture Radio 31-12-15 Best of 2015 by Fred Nasen Texture Radio 17-12-15 'As Long As It Takes #5'  Texture Radio 10-12-15 by Fred Nasen @ urgent.fm Texture Radio 03-10-15 guest mix by Jus Raw Texture Radio 26-11-15 by Fred Nasen Texture Radio 12-11-15 by Fred Nasen Guest mix by Stuart 'Chuggy' Leath (Emotional Response, UK) at urgent.fm Texture Radio 29-10-15 by Fred Nasen Texture Radio 22-10-15 by Fred Nasen Texture Radio 15-10-15 Zambon (The Very Polish Cut Outs) guest mix at urgent.fm  Texture Radio 08-10-15 by Fred Nasen Texture Radio 01-10-15 Guest mix by BAFANA (Alpha) Texture Radio 24-09-15 'As Long As It Takes #4' by Fred Nasen Texture Radio 17-09-15 by Fred Nasen Texture Radio 03-09-15 by Fais Le Beau Texture Radio 27-08-15 by Fred Nasen Texture 20-08-15 by Fred Nasen Texture Radio 02-07-15 by Fred Nasen  Texture 25-06-15 with a guest mix by Mo Disko Texture Radio 18-06-15 by Fred Nasen  Karawane (22Tracks, Urgent.fm) guest mix at Texture Radio Texture 04-06-15 by Fred Nasen Texture-21-05-14-fred-nasen-as-long-as-it-takes-3 Texture 07-05-15 Guest mix by Red D  Texture 31-04-14 by Fred Nasen Texture 23-04-15 by Fred Nasen Texture 16-04-15 with a guest mix by Lauer (Permanent Vacation) Texture 02-04-15 by Fred Nasen as-long-as-it-takes-pt2-mix-fred-nasen fred-nasen-texture-radio-19-03-15-urgentfm thang-jonasty-guest-mix-texture-urgentfm texture-26-02-15-fred-nasen dj-luxon-pingwing-texture-radio Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset Millie-Vanillie-ocean-drive-mix-fred-nasen Texture-29-01-15-fred-nasen-urgentfm  Texture-15-01-15-as-long-as-it-takes-fred-nasen texture-08-01-15-fred-nasen-urgentfm



Texture-18-12-14-fred-nasen Texture 11-12-14 with a guest mix by Just Nathan Texture-27-11-14-fred-nasen sonic-city-mix-james-holden-texture-urgent-fm texture-13-11-14-fred-nasen texture-06-11-14-fred-nasen texture-late-night-drive-30-10-14 texture-23-10-14-fred-nasen-urgent-fm texture-16-10-14-fred-nasen-urgentfm Supreems guest mix @ Texture (urgent.fm) sixsixsixties guest mix @ texture radio texture-18-09-14-fred-nasen-urgentfm texture-04-09-14-fred-nasen texture-28-08-14-fred-nasen texture-03-07-14-fred-nasen texture-19-06-14-fred-nasen Captain Starlight @ Texture (urgent.fm) BAFANA Texture guest mix Texture-22-05-14-fred-nasen-urgent-fm eddie-c-texture-mix texture-01-05-14-fred-nasen texture-17-04-14-fred-nasen stroom.tv-mix-fred-nasen-april-2014 jonas-lion-cloned-animals-texture-guest-mix Texture-27-03-14-fred-nasen KooDoo-Texture-Mix-20-03-14 texture-06-03-14-fred-nasen texture-20-02-14-fred-nasen texture-13-02-14-fred-nasen-urgentfm fred-nasen-red-bull-elektropedia-masterklass-mix Just Nathan Texture 2014 mix Henri vs Mabbu @ Texture texture-16-01-14-fred-nasen Talbot Wood Texture Urgent.fm



texture-26-12-13-fred-nasen texture-19-12-13-fred-nasen texture-05-12-13-fred-nasen discodeine image 3 - web 1900x fred-nasen-retro-set-texture-urgent-fm huerco-s-mix-texture-radio texture-24-10-13-fred-nasen texture-10-10-13-late-night-drive-fred-nasen fred-nasen-03-10-13-fred-nasen texture-19-09-13-fred-nasen texture-12-09-13-rick-shiver-guest-mix Texture-05-09-13-fred-nasen texture-27-06-13-fred-nasen texture-06-06-13-frednasen texture-13-06-13-jensen-guest-mix texture-09-05-13-sixsixsixties-guest-mix texture-02-05-13-fred-nasen texture-18-04-13-fred-nasen texture-04-04-13-fred-nasen texture-28-03-13-visions-thang-hearts-in-exile-mix texture-14-03-13-fred-nasen texture-28-02-13-fred-nasen texture-07-02-13-geoffroy-mugwump-mix texture-31-03-13-fred-nasen Texture 03-01-13



texture-20-12-12-fred-nasen Lauer-Philippe-Club-69 Texture-01-11-12-fred-nasen texture-18-10-12-just-nathan-guest-mix Texture-04-10-12-fred-nasen Texture-27-09-12-fred-nasen Texture-13-09-12-fred-nasen texture-06-09-12-fred-nasen texture-09-08-12-fred-nasen texture-28-06-12-fred-nasen         texture-21-06-12-fred-nasen   texture-07-06-12-fred-nasen texture-17-05-12-fred-nasen texture-10-05-12-fred-nasen texture-12-04-12-fred-nasen texture-05-04-12-fred-nasen texture-29-03-12-fred-nasen texture-15-03-12-simon-hold-guest-mix texture-01-03-12-mix-sheridan texture-23-02-12-fred-nasen texture-25-01-12-fred-nasen texture-19-01-11-guest-mix-koodoo texture-12-01-11-fred-nasen texture-05-01-12-fred-nasen



texture-22-12-11-retro-set-fred-nasen texture-01-12-11-fred-nasen texture-24-11-2011-fred-nasen texture-03-11-11-fred-nasen texture-13-10-11-fred-nasen-late-night-drive  texture-06-10-11-fred-nasentexture-15-09-11-fred-nasentexture-05-02-11-fred-nasen